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Experimental Analysis of Hardness and Densification of Microwave Sintered AL/SIC/AL2O3/Flyash Composites


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai - 600044, Tamil Nadu, India
  • R and D Department, Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai - 600044, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bangalore - 560019, Karnataka, India


Objectives: Powder metallurgy is one of the best methods to achieve uniform distribution of reinforcement in matrix. In the present study, silicon carbide, alumina and fly ash are reinforced in Aluminium matrix at various proportions through powder metallurgical process using both conventional and microwave sintering and the mechanical properties were evaluated. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The compaction load has varied from 4000 kg to 8000 kg, and it was observed that the maximum densification of 84.04% at 8000 kg was obtained. All the samples were prepared at 8000 kg load and sintering was done using microwave furnace. For comparison purpose, all the samples were sintered conventionally using tubular furnace. Findings: Hardness and densification tests were conducted on both conventional and microwave sintered specimens. Composites, which are, processed through microwave sintering shows a better result than conventionally sintered specimens with saving the process timing and power consumption. It is being observed that the role of SiC in microwave sintering is very vital as it is an absorber of microwaves. Application/Improvements: The working area of a microwave furnace is very less and it restricts the size of the working sample. The role of other absorbers (semiconductors) of microwaves can be studied.


Densification, Hardness, Microwaves, Powder Metallurgy, Sintering.

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