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Intelligent Garbage Monitoring System using Internet of Things


  • St. Peter's Institute of Higher Education and Research, Avadi, Chennai – 600054, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: This paper describes an intelligent garbage monitoring system. Garbage management is an essential and mandatory process due to increase in human population and the amount of waste being accumulated. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Garbage accumulation leads to unhealthy environment and enables spreading of infections and diseases. The present invention provides a monitoring system and further includes a system to control the littering of the garbage in the vicinity of the bin aiming for a healthy and safe environment. An intelligent garbage monitoring system will be installed in all the localities and allows the monitoring party, the municipal corporation to view and take action according to the status of the garbage bin in that locality. Findings: The intelligent garbage monitoring system further has a control feature that prevents the users from spreading the waste around the vicinity of the garbage bin. The system aims for a cleaner environment and promotes a healthy life, by reducing the number of diseases that spreads due to improper waste management. Application/Improvements: The smarter garbage monitoring system enables a cleaner, healthier safer and disease free environment.


Database, Environment, Garbage Monitoring System, Internet of Things, Litter, Municipal Corporation, Safe and Healthy Penalise.

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