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Secure the Cloud Data Transmissionusing an Improved RSA Algorithm


  • PG and Research Department of Computer Science, Dr. Ambedkar Government Arts College (Autonomous), Chennai - 600039, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: To overcome the cloud data security challenges, a few recommendations have been proposed along with RSA encryption algorithm. Methods: The RSA algorithm can be defined as an asymmetric key algorithm which is used to develop the strong security model. In cloud computing so many encryption schemes are used for security. In the proposed model the RSA is used to build new security model because it is tightly secured algorithm. Findings: Many organizations are migrating to cloud environment, it is imperative to understand the data security issues surrounding cloud computing. The data security is attained by using modified RSA algorithm. Improvements: In this paper we propose a modified RSA encryption algorithm with longest common sub sequence of a string (LCS). The encrypted and decrypted files are compared and the correctness of proposed system is proved.


Cloud Computing, DNA, LCS Algorithm, RSA Algorithm, Security.

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