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Effects of Career Management of Hospital Worker on Career Satisfaction


  • Department of Dental Hygiene, Sunmoon University, 31460, Korea, Republic of
  • Department of Dental Hygiene, Kangwon National University, 25949, Korea, Republic of


Objectives: To study the human resources management and labor-management control of hospital personnel by verifying the influence factor of individual and group on satisfaction and by deducing an implication for the human resources management. Methods Analysis: The investigation was performed on personnel of the two university hospitals located at Seoul and in Gyeonggi-do province from March of 2015 until June. The questionnaire was provided for self-completion for the survey study and the data was collected until June of 2016 by sending e-mails. The total number of collected questionnaires was 200 and the investigation was performed on total 160 questionnaires. Findings: First, to verify the general characteristics of the targets, the descriptive statistics as frequency and percentage were applied. Second, to verify the validity, reliability and correlation between individual and group career management and the career satisfaction, there were applied factorial analysis and the analysis based on Pearson’s correlation coefficient. Third, multiple regression analysis was applied to examine the effect of individual and group career management according to age and employment history on the career satisfaction. Applications: It can be understood that career management is a prerequisite for career satisfaction, and especially that the group career management has larger effects on career satisfaction than the individual management.


Career Management, Career Satisfaction, Hospital, Hospital Worker, Organization.

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