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Study on Plasticity Make-Up Design of Modern Make-Up Artist Alex Box


  • Department of Beauty Design Management, Woosong University, Daejoen, Korea, Republic of


Objectives: The make-up is the visual language containing the meaning that it expresses the person’s appearance through figurative factors using the color and texture and form of body. In order to understand of the modern makeup, it would be essential to study the formativeness of makeup design by Alex Box. Methods/Statistical analysis: The makeup design of a European makeup artist, Alex Box establishing the world of unique art works in the modern makeup area has been examined under the formative characteristics like color, texture, and form. Analyzing the personal backgrounds and figurative features of make-up design patterns of the Alex Box through European fashion magazines and fashion shows European countries. Findings: The figurative characteristic by the color was in harmony so that the sense of difference may not be felt in the coexistence of diverse color; splendid patterns have outstood with the action painting technique and harmony of diverse color. What aimed to be expressed getting out of the limit called whether or not of gloss has been expressed with the cubic effect by using the excessive objet in the figurative characteristic by the texture, the texture of make-up has been expressed with more cubic effect. The only weird, hideous and grotesque characteristics have been exposed a lot in the figurative characteristic by the form by Alex Box; those have been emerged as the surrealistic pattern of pale skin, the harmony of geometric patter, the expression of hatred form and eyelashes reminding the bugs, etc. Improvements/Applications: It aims to understand the modern make-up by understanding and analyzing the diverse expression technique focused on the figurative characteristic of make-up design and contributes to the specialized research development of make-up design pattern through this research.


Artist, Alex Box, Design, Make-Up, Modern, Plasticity.

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