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Effects of Corporate Technological Innovation Activities on Technological and Management Performance - Focusing on Government Supported Convergence Consulting


  • Department of Knowledge Service and Consulting, Han sung University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of


Objectives: The purpose of this study is to identify the effects of utilization of technological innovation, Foundation for technological innovation, and technological innovation capability on technological performance and effects of technological performance on management performance and the indirect effects of technological performance for Small Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) who have had experienced government supported consulting services. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This study conducted survey with SMEs who have experienced government supported convergence consulting as the targeted audience and performed statistical analysis such as SPSS22.0 and AMOS 22.0 to conduct exploratory factor analysis and measurement model in order to identify interrelationship among the utilization of technological innovation, technological performance and management performance. Findings: The results of our study are as follow. Firstly, utilization of technological innovation has positive effect on technological performance. Secondly, establishing the foundation for technological innovation has positive effects on technological performance. Thirdly, Technological Innovation capability has positive effect on technological performance. Fourthly, technological performance has positive influence on management performance. Finally, technological performance acts as a mediator variable between the utilization of technological innovation and the management performance. Improvements/Applications: These results suggest that government supported consulting services for SMEs regarding their utilization of technological innovation are effective and should be continued.


Foundation for Technological Innovation, Management Performance, Technological Innovation Capability, Utilization of Technological Innovation.

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