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The Effect of PST Program on Reducing Stress and Changing Brainwaves of University Students


  • Department of Counseling Psychology, Gimcheon University, Gimcheon, 740-704, South Korea
  • Department of Social welfare, Gimcheon University, Gimcheon, 740-704, South Korea


This study, through group counseling applying problem-solving counseling theory, part of positive psychology, wanted to improve anger control and subjective well-being among juvenile delinquents, and to contribute to suggest positive directions and methods in dealing with them. This study processed statistics using a SPSS 18.0 program to analyze the effect of a program. Above all, a Cronbach's α factor was calculated to verify reliability of the questionnaire. The effect of a program was verified by performing a Paired t-test on pre- and post-scores of brainwaves obtained from the stress score and IBREA Brain Tests. The research findings are as follows: 1) The problem-solving group counseling program was effective in reducing anger of risky adolescents. 2) The problem-solving group counseling program was effective in improving subjective well-being among risky adolescents. 3) The problem-solving group counseling program was more effective than the comparative group counseling program. Consequently, the analysis showed that the problem-solving group counseling program was very effective in reducing anger among risky adolescents and solving psychological problems of them.


Anger, Group Counseling, Juvenile Delinquents, Problem-Solving Counseling, Subjective Well-Being.

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