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A Study on Formativeness of Delivery App Icon Design


  • Department of ICT Convergence, Shingyeong University, 400-5 Namyang Jungang-ro Hwaseong,Gyeonggi Province, Korea, Republic of


Objectives: In a number of applications of various functions, icon design is a very important factor in predicting and recognizing the function of app. Thus, we carried out a study on delivery app icon design in line with market expansion of delivery app of more than 1 trillion won. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This study is to conduct the app icon analysis based on the elements of visual design. Three brands with the highest number of downloads were determined as the study target and app icon of the target was analyzed according to the design elements. We were to identify the position of the icon of the current delivery app through the analysis of used colors, contents and layout of images and text including the outermost shape forming the icon. Findings: According to the findings, although slightly different, the corner of all three brands was the rounded square shape and warm colors and colors were used in two brands and one brand, respectively. It seems to allow users to easily recognize the brand with their eyes by using warm colors with the nature of expansion than cold colors with the nature of shrinkage and can be also interpreted because of symbolism of warm colors used in the images of food more frequently than cold colors. For the image use, all three brands of ‘Baedaltong’, ‘People of Delivery’, ‘Yogiyo’ used illustration images. In the image use, a motorcycle or character with the delivery bin symbolizing the symbol of delivery appeared in two brands and the brand name was layed out on the white dish in the remaining one brand. Both direct method directly expressing delivery food and indirect method symbolizing food in a broader sense were used. The text used in the icon was extremely limited and the contents containing modifiers and information including the abbreviation of the brand name were written as the text. This is interpreted as a phenomenon caused by the constraint that needs to describe the features of the app in a small area. Improvements/Applications: This study extends to the rest of brands about delivery app and also it should have added another detailed element for a higher faith.


Delivery App, Icon Design, Layout, Smart Phone, Recognition.

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