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Reconstruction of hv-Convex Binary Images with Diagonal and Anti-Diagonal Projections using Genetic Algorithm


  • Chandigarh University, Gharuan −140413, Punjab, India
  • Glocal University, Saharanpur −2471001, Uttar Pradesh, India


This paper is related to reconstruct the binary images from small number of projections. Objectives: To enhance the unambiguousness of image reconstructed. Other goal isto reduce the time of reconstruction of image. Method: In this paper, we put forward a new approach for reconstruction. Firstly, image is reconstructed using Chang’s Algorithm and we utilize two projections first diagonal projections and second anti-diagonal projections for reconstruction. Then Genetic Algorithm is applied on image reconstructed after Chang’s algorithm. Findings: The images reconstructed after Chang’s algorithm and Genetic Algorithm are compared with original images and they are contrasted with each other also. We also calculate the percentage change of images reconstructed after Chang’s Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm with original images. It is concluded that images reconstructed after Genetic Algorithm have less percentage difference than Chang’s Algorithm. Improvements: The accuracy of images reconstructed after Genetic Algorithm is much better than reconstructed by Chang’s Algorithm alone.


Diagonal and Anti-diagonal Projections, Discrete Tomography, Genetic Algorithm, Hand Binary Images, hv- Convex.

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