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Analysis of Options of Cooperative Processing of Measurements in Long-Range Multistatic Radar System


  • The Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications


Background/Objectives: The study considers the options of cooperative processing of long-range measurements in multistatic radio-technical systems. The information on the sum of distances improves the precision of the estimated range. Method: The investigations employ simulation and statistical models describing the techniques of cooperative processing of the radar information for the case of three-station radio-technical system. Findings: The calculated range values include all measurements obtained by the multistatic system with their relevant weights. The investigations show the effects produced by the selected number of stations and by the precision of the original measurements on the formation of the resulting estimations under the conditions of different initial data that help achieve the preset precision within shorter intervals without the limitations of the object movement hypothesis. The new results of this study are represented by the equations that describe the slant distances in the course of cooperative processing of measurements with different types of the correlation matrix of the errors and for different options of data processing. It has been proven that the suggested option of measurement processing possesses high informational stability against any anomalous measurements. Applications/Improvements: The results of this study will be helpful for upgrading the existing radio navigation systems and for developing justified requirements to any prospective research studies in this area of investigation.


Cumulative Long-Range, Cooperative Processing, Long-Range, Least Square Method, Multistatic, Root-Mean-Square Error.

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