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Development of an Anthropomorphic Gripping Manipulator: Tactile Sensor System


  • Office of Scientific Research and Development, Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI), Moscow, Russia
  • RU. Robotics, Moscow, Russia


Background/Objectives: This research deals with alternative systems of distributed tactile systems for robotic appliances. Methods: The electric conductor disruption method and the electrolytic separation method were used to manufacture the prototype sensor elements. Numerous experiments were conducted to study various properties of sensory elements. Findings: Various circuits that rely on different physical principles, i.e. resistance, transistor, capacitive and piezo resistance, have been analyzed. A quantum tunneling sensor element has been selected for implementation. Over 100 prototype sensor elements comprising various combinations of silicone compounds and metal powders have been produced at the early stage of experimental research. Experimental measurements have been done and the effect of powder concentration and particle size and shape on sensitivity of the finished element has been analyzed. Copper powder containing dendrite-shaped particles and silicone compound of lowest possible viscosity ensuring even mixing and obtaining high powder concentration in the mixture have been selected as the material for further experiments. Experimental studies of distributed sensor elements have been done. Lines of further experiments have been determined and schedule has been compiled. Improvements: The sensor system developed will be used as a coating for contact surfaces of an anthropomorphic gripper. The proposed technology may be applied to manufacture distributed tactile sensor systems in the form of artificial skin.


Anthropomorphic Gripper, Artificial Skin, Collaborative Robot, Manipulator, Quantum Tunneling Composites (QTC), Tactile Sensor

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