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Development of an Anthropomorphic Gripping Manipulator: Experimental Research


  • Office of scientific research and development, Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI), Moscow, Russia
  • RU. Robotics, Moscow, Russia


Background/Objectives: This article deals with the experimental research of the newly developed anthropomorphic manipulator for gripping items out of the predetermined set. The project aims at developing an anthropomorphic gripping manipulator to a high accuracy of copying dynamics and kinematics of a human hand. Methods: Application of method of planning movement trajectory allows pre-calculating the parameters of joint movement over time. The movement trajectory approximation methods were used to fulfill the preset conditions. Harrington’s desirability function was applied for the generalized response estimation. Random errors were screened using the Student’s t-test. Findings: Results of gripping rigid and soft items of sophisticated shape are provided. According to this research, a number of shortcomings of mechanical structure were discovered and eliminated. Microprocessor modules, feedback sensor system, and power electronic module were developed and may be broadly used in educational robotics for building various robotic systems of low power (up to 150 W) for each swiveling block. Developed software modules may be used for building control system of an anthropomorphic gripping manipulator of kinematic configuration that resembles a human hand, but involving a varying number of controlled and dependent degrees of freedom. Improvements/Application: This hand may be applied in industrial robots to replace people in production, personal robotic assistants and bionic prosthetic appliances. At the same time, this development focuses on the use of popular and cheap component parts, and simplification of the structure to ensure low production cost.


Anthropomorphic Gripping Manipulator, Bionic Hand Prosthetic, Gripping of Items, Robotics.

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