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Development of Compact Hydraulic Positive Displacement Motor Featuring No Rotor Vibrations in Well Drilling


  • Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Moscow, Russia


Background/Objectives: The objective of this study is to develop a new compact hydraulic positive displacement motor that would operate without rotor vibrations. Methods: Assisted by 3D printers, the models of the new hydraulic machines have been developed. The results of the laboratory and bench testing confirmed the relevance of the selected area of investigations. Findings: The results of the calculations and the laboratory tests of the models of the hydraulic machines showed that upon introducing some constructive adjustments such class of machines can be used for developing new compact hydraulic positive displacement motors that would operate with no rotor vibrations in the process of drilling oil wells. The major objective of the undertaken investigations is to create the new and more efficient sealing that is supposed to be installed between the cylindrical rotor and cylindrical stator in the hydraulic machine. The novelty of the structure rests with the application of a partitioning seal where separate sections of the seal are installed consecutively along the screw line. Thereat, the design of the new machine avoids using any screw surfaces and applies only flat or cylindrical surfaces. The results of the undertaken scientific and design activities can also be used for developing hydraulic machines in other industries that set strict regulations on the vibration levels, on the weight and dimensions of the process equipment. Applications/Improvements: Principal area of applying the new design is related to drilling downward and horizontal oil and gas wells. Compact motor can be used for the repairs at the oil wells.


Gas, Hydraulic Positive Displacement Motor, Oil, Well, Well-drilling.

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