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The use of Synchronous Detection in Ultrasonic Flaw Detection of Large -Sized Products with Large Integral Attenuation of Signals


  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University), Russia


Background/Objectives: The use of simple radio-technical processing of signals – synchronous detection – in the ultrasonic testing of products with large frequency-dependent attenuation of ultrasound is considered. Methods: The use of radar in the ultrasonic flaw detection methods allows for control of objects with a high level of attenuation of ultrasonic vibrations in a material. Findings: It is demonstrated that synchronous detection increases the accuracy of echo signal temporal position measurement and increases the reliability of US testing in the presence of narrowband interference and the correlation with the probing signal of the electroacoustic pickup. Improvements: The use of synchronous detection will significantly increase the sensitivity and noise immunity of the ultrasound equipment used to control the complex structural materials with high attenuation of ultrasound, such as concrete, cast iron, plastic, etc.


Ultrasonic Flaw Detection, Synchronous Detection, Optimal Filtering, Complex-Modulated Signals, Electroacoustic Pickup.

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