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The Development of Calculation and Selection Procedure for Plate Condenser of Vapor Compression Refrigerating Machines


  • JSC All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia
  • Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia


Background: The relevance of the article is determined by the lack of publicly available calculation and selection procedures for plate condensers of refrigerating machines, and the impossibility for the operating organizations to make recalculation of thermal-hydraulic performance of condensers. Method: This article proposes procedures for plate condenser calculation and selection, based on semi-empirical design master curves for calculation of heat transfer and pressure drop processes during R407C refrigerant vapor condensation. These methods of calculation and selection are based on design and checking calculation and performance-based calculation method. Findings: Algorithm for thermal design calculation is based on the mean temperature difference method. Algorithm for thermal checking calculation is based on the performance method, enabling to reduce the number of iterations. All the obtained procedures can be automated using of public domain programming software. Improvements: These findings are of practical value for the organizations that operate plate condensers as part of a vapor compression refrigerating machine.


Checking Calculation, Condensation, Design Calculation, Droplet Entrainment, Heat Exchange and Hydraulics Master Curves, Plate Condenser.

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