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The Role of Universities Innovation Infrastructure in the Region Development in the Russian Federation


  • Faculty of Management, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia


Objectives: The article is aimed at elaborating proposals for the development of innovation infrastructure of universities with a view to maximize their participation in the processes of innovation economy of the regions. Method: Statistical analysis of the data on self-evaluation reports of more than forty Russian universities and their rating functionality for 2015 were used in order to achieve the objectives of the study. These methods allow analyzing a complex relationship of the universities’ revenue part and the control of intellectual property, the universities’ rating functionality and degree of innovation development in the regions. Findings: The article presents the results of the research carried out for the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia in 2015 on the theme “Research and Analysis of the Strategic Programs for Economic and Industrial Development of Regions for the purposes of elaborating a package of measures to include the results of innovative, academic and technological activities of universities in the economic activity of the constituent units of the Russian Federation (implementation of the bailout plan of the Government of the Russian Federation).” The article also justified proposals for the development of innovation infrastructure of Russian universities with a view to maximize participation in the processes of the regional innovation economy. The necessity of raising the level of universities’ income derived from intellectual property management; dependence of university’s scientific and technological potential indicators on its development efficiency factor, the innovative activity of regions where they are located; the need to create mechanisms of integration of regional enterprises and universities for implementing the results of innovation activities of universities in the production. Improvements: Materials of the article shall determine the factor of innovation infrastructure development of Russian universities, their influence on the development of innovative component of regions.


Commercialization, Industry of Russian Regions, Innovative Solutions, Integration of Regional and University Industry, Scientific Engineering Potential, Universities Innovation Infrastructure.

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