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Minimizing Power Consumption and Improve the Quality of Service in the Data Center


  • Department of MCA, VTU, Belagavi-590018. R. V. College of Engineering, Bengaluru-560059, Karnataka, India
  • Department of EEE, R. V. College of Engineering, Bengaluru-560059, Karnataka, India


Background/Objectives: Minimizing power consumption and improve the quality of service in the data centre investigates the power consumption in various devises IaaS in cloud computing environment. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Overall, a total of ninety-one studies from 2013 to 2015 have been reviewed in this paper. However, tenth studies are selected that focused on the energy efficient concepts used in the research. Findings: From the study the energy plays a major role in the data centre and it has become a big issue for the Information Technology (IT) field and the businessmen. Power is most important in the world with limited resources of energy. Energy efficiency in the environment of cloud has always been a key concern for the design and cost of maintaining the data centres. Virtualization reduces the complexity for enabling an efficient way to use the computing power and improve the Quality of service in data centre. In this work, Xen server is used to compute the power and find the efficiency, power consumption for the size of 10 different nodes are connected to the workload condition by allocating Virtual Machine (VMs) to the server using open stack net and process the workload performance in the data centre has been considered. The experimental results expose that VM selection process works through the energy reduced by up to 35% on the impact. Application/Improvements: The review of Minimizing Power Consumption and Improve the Quality of Service in the Data Centre will investigate power consumption in infrastructure level in cloud computing helps researchers to analyze different algorithm techniques for future research directions.


Power Consumption, Quality of Service, VMs, Energy Efficiency Data Centre.

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