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UAV for Surveillance and Environmental Monitoring


  • CoES, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun - 248007, Uttarakhand, India


An unmanned aerial vehicle is an aircraft with its crew removed and replaced by a computer system and radio link. This paper describes the use of a multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle which includes a system for real time video transfer, temperature sensing and also a smoke detecting unit. The multi-rotor described in this paper is a quad-rotor, which is capable of flying autonomously and transmitting the collected data in real time along with a video feed. The control of multi-rotor is done using graphic user interface, video is received and recorded on a laptop and the data is displayed over another graphic user interface designed on lab-view software. This multi-rotor with the described set of sensory nodes helped in real time monitoring of environment. The use of these unmanned aerial vehicles can be extended to various other fields such as data collection, object delivery, surveillance, research etc.


Autonomous, Central Node, Environmental Monitoring, GPS, Multi-Rotor, Real-time Video Surveillance, Sensor Nodes, Safety Inspection, Temperature Sensor, UAV.

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