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Performance Evaluation of LTE based System Parameters using OFDM in Indoor and Outdoor Environment


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, SunRise University, Alwar - 301026, Rajasthan, India


Background/Objectives: OFDM is a wireless broad band technology employed in 4G wireless system. OFDM is the Frequency Division Multiplexing (FDM) modulation technique used for sending a group of signals simultaneously over a channel. OFDM divides the signal into a number of narrow signals which are sent at various frequencies to the receiver. Method/Analysis: Long Term Evolution is a 4G technology used for both indoor and outdoor environments. LTE is able to produce higher data output rates and reduce the cost of delivering a megabyte of data. The outside sources of interference, design and configuration of the LTE network may reduce the spectrum efficiency and results in low data output rates for users and high costs for network operators. LTE will be deployed to provide multimedia services for mobile and portable scenarios. Findings/Applications: This paper concentrates on correlating SNR to the performance of LTE in indoor and outdoor environments. An average throughput and a consistent performance are observed more frequently in outdoor areas when compared to indoor areas. A comparison of indoor and outdoor parameters is shown by simulating in MATLAB.


4GTechnology, Indoor-outdoor, LTE, MATLAB, OFDM, SNR.

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