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Numerical Analysis on a Novel Burner Design With Fibonacci Curves


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, SSN College of Engineering, Kalavakkam - 603110, Tamil Nadu, India


A novel burner design with the use of curves drawn from Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio is proposed in the present work. Numerical simulations have been carried out on two different burner head configurations for a diffusion flame burner. In the normal burner holes are arranged in concentric circles while in the modified burner holes are positioned along the curves determined by Fibonacci sequence. Three dimensional, unsteady, turbulent, reacting flow equations are solved. The results obtain indicate that the fuel spread is more uniform in the Fibonacci sequence burner than a normal burner. Furthermore the fuel spread in a Fibonacci sequence burner is 26.3 % more than the normal burner. Additionally it has also been observed that the burning of the fuel is more uniform in the case of Fibonacci sequence burner. The simulations have to be extended for pre-mixed burners also, which is allotted to future.


Burner Head Design, Combustion, Fibonacci Curve, Numerical Simulation.

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