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Simulation Modeling and Analysis for Investigation of Part Launching Rule in a FMS Scheduling


  • Department of M. E, V.R.S.E.C, Chalasani Nagar, Kanuru, Vijayawada - 520 007, Andhra Pradesh,, India
  • Department of M. E, Veltech Technical University, #42, Avadi-Vel Tech Road, Avadi, Chennai - 600062, Tamil Nadu,, India
  • Department of M. E, J.N.T.U.A College of Engineering, Sir Mokshagundam Vishveshwariah Road, Anantapur - 515002, Andhra Pradesh,, India


Background/Objectives: The intention of this simulation study is to inspect the effect of multi-level scheduling rules on the four different performance measures of proposed FMS (flexible manufacturing system). Methods/Statistical Analysis: Input data has been collected from the real existing system and proposed FMS simulation model has been developed using JAVA programming. Findings: The flow of parts through the system has been managed with multi-level scheduling rules related to launching of parts in to a system. The proposed simulation model has been modeled for the existing system and a common optimum part selection rule for the performance parameters such as MFT(mean flow time), make span, mean machine utilization, and mean Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) utilization has been developed. Application/Improvements: Case study has been conducted on the existing system and the proposed simulation model has been created. The shortest processing time rule was found to be optimum upon comparing other two scheduling rules when output performance measures considered. The proposed simulation model aids in better scheduling of automobile and electronics applications.


AGV, Flexible Manufacturing System, Part Launching Rules, Performance Measures, Simulation Analysis, Scheduling

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