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Solar Powered Luo Converter for Wiper Motor Application


  • Power Electronics and Industrial Drives, Sathyabama University, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Jeppiaar Nagar, Chennai - 600 119, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Department of EEE, Sathyabama University, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Jeppiaar Nagar, Chennai - 600 119, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: This paper is to design a positive output elementary luo converter whose output can be used to power the wiper motor. Method/Statistical Analysis: The perturb and observe algorithm is used to obtain the maximum power from the solar panel. The positive output luo converter is simulated using MATLAB/Simulink software. Findings: In conventional converters the output voltage increases in arithmetic progression. But, in luo converter the output voltage increases in geometric progression, thus the voltage gain of the converter is enhanced than conventional converters. The output of the luo converter is validated with r-load and motor load. With the help of luo converter, the ripple content in the output can be highly reduced in the output. Applications: Wiper motors are used for applications such as to operate wiper blades in car, automatic parking system, wheel movement in robots etc.


DC-DC Conversion, DC Motor, MPPT Technique, Perturb and Observe Algorithm, Positive Output Luo Converter, Ripple.

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