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Enhanced Hybrid Algorithm of Secure and Fast Chaos-based, AES, RSA and ElGamal Cryptosystems


  • Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering, College of Engineering and Information Technology, Cavite State University, Philippines


Objectives: The principal objective of this paper is to develop an enhanced algorithm of cryptography through the hybridization of existing symmetric and asymmetric encryption. Methods/Analysis: The strength of several prevailing symmetric and asymmetric encryption were utilized in the proposed methodology. ElGamal’s key security based on difficulty of solving discrete logarithm, Chaos-based’s avalanche effect of using multiple keys, RSA’s security based on the difficulty of factorization of large numbers and AES’s S-Box mapping, which makes the encryption complex and unpredictable were adapted. Findings: The strength of security of the proposed hybrid algorithm is tested by the provided examples. It was found out that with the use of different keys in encryption, various ciphertexts were generated. The published public keys using such algorithm also make it infeasible to intrude because of the difficulty of solving discrete logarithm with large prime numbers. Furthermore, the value of the ciphertext of the proposed method is significantly different and, in some cases, larger than that of RSA’s. Applications: With this newly enhanced hybrid algorithm of data encryption, transferring and conveying of data will be much more secured.


AES Algorithm, Cryptography, Data Security, ElGamal Algorithm, RSA Algorithm.

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