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Analytic Exploration of the State of Safety Education for Preservice Early Childhood Teachers: With Priority Given to the City of Busan


  • Department of Early Childhood Education, Kosin University, Korea, Republic of
  • Creativity and Personality Laboratory, Tongmyong University, Korea, Republic of


Objectives: The purpose of this study was to examine the state of safety education for preservice early childhood teachers in the curriculums of colleges located in Busan. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The departments related to early childhood education were selected by random sampling from four-year universities and two-, three- and four-year private junior colleges in the city of Busan, which numbered 27. Findings: The educational statistics yearbooks published by this city between 2011 and 2015 were consulted, and courses related to safety education were selected from the curriculums on the websites of the colleges. And then whether these courses were offered independently or as part of child health education or of similar courses were analyzed. The findings of the study were as follows: First, the names of the departments related to early childhood education were early childhood education, child welfare, child and family studies. Childeducare, and child welfare and educare in the 27 colleges located in this city. 13 schools were equipped with courses related to safety education, and departments related to early childhood education existed in four colleges where no courses related to safety education were offered. Second, as for the titles of the courses related to safety education, there were 10 names for child health education, four for early childhood health education, seven for child safety management and one for child health care. Improvements/Applications: The findings implied that safety education was provided not as an independent course but as part of health education courses.


Health Education, Preservice Early Childhood Teacher, Safety Education.

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