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The comparisons of tape of different type applied on forward head posture positions


  • Department of Physical therapy, Sunmoon University, Chung-Nam, Korea


Objectives: This study is to find out the effect on the neck and shoulder muscle activation changes when applying the elastic and non-elastic tape in forward head posture. Methods/Statistical Analysis: After preliminary research, 30 adult males and females were recruited and agreed to participate as the subject in this study. All subjects were measured their muscle activation with forward head posture, attaching the elastic tape, non-elastic tape and not attaching the tape by using Electromyography (EMG) equipment. The muscle activation of upper trapezius and splenius capitis is analyzed by using a one-way repeated ANOVA. Findings: As a result of the measurement value comparisons, applying non-elastic tape statically decrease muscle activation than elastic tape in the forward head posture (p<.05). Improvements/Applications: The result shows that non-elastic tape is more useful for forward head posture to support.


Elastic Tape, Electromyography, Forward Head Posture, Non-Elastic Tape.

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