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The Operation Effect of the Education Process of the Foundation of Competency for Students of the Department of Dental Hygiene


  • Department of Dental Hygiene, Sun Moon University, Asansi, 31460, Korea
  • Department of Dental Hygiene, College of Dentistry and Research Institute of Oral Science, Gangneung-Wonju National University, Gangneungsi, 25457, Korea
  • Institute for Innovation Education, SunMoon Univerisy, Asansi, 31460, Korea


Objectives: Outcome-based education systems are executed by setting an education goal, and function as an education quality management system that analyzes such education results and consistently improves the process of achieving education goals. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The core competency of the competency-based education process of clinical dental hygiene is that graduates can perform dental hygiene management as a dental hygienist for patients/ recipients, and in order to evaluate this competency, major detailed competencies were composed into 13 questions and investigated. Evaluation points were granted from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 10, and the evaluations took place before and after class in the form of a self-administered questionnaire. We used a level of significance of p<0.05. Findings: In the major of Dental Hygiene, we meant to operate a competency -based education process, and later evaluate the effect of the education. The self-evaluation points of every detailed competency showed an increase, showing statistical significance except in a few elements. Competency-based education processes are being judged as efficient studying methods where the academic achievement competencies can be developed. Improvements/Applications: This research has its meaning when we provided it. But there has been no comparison group so far, so we must think about the limit of this part.


Competency, Department of Dental Hygiene, Education, Student.

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