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A Study on the Factors Influencing on Young People’s Donation Attitude: A Comparison of School Levels


  • Department of Child and Adolescent Welfare, Hanseo University, Korea
  • Department of Lifelong Education, Hanseo University, Korea


Objectives: The objectives of this study were to identify the relative impact of the parent-related factors, donation motivation; psychological factors that affect young people’s donation attitude. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In this study, the scales of donation motivation, self-esteem, community spirit, donation attitude were used. SPSS Win 23.0 was used to calculate the descriptive statistics, reliability analyses, correlation analyses, and hierarchical regression analysis. Findings: Gender, school level, and religion affected the students’ donation attitudes, but monthly allowance did not. And donation attitudes were more positive among female than male students and among high school versus middle school students. For both middle and high school students, donation motivation had the greatest effect on their donation attitudes. Improvements/Applications: It will be used to improve young people’s donation attitude by various approaches for different age groups.


Community Spirit, Donation Attitude, Donation Motivation, Self-Esteem, Young People.

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