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A New Conception of Information Requisition in Web of Things


  • Computer Science and Engineering, Thapar Univeristy, Patiala – 147004, Punjab, India


Objectives: The dynamic spanning tree approach from Requester Node to Responder Node has been proposed for WoT for information requisition. The objective is to eliminate data redundancy in multipath communication. Methods: A spanning tree algorithm has been proposed to create a dynamic single path from Requester Node (RN) to Responding Node (ReN) in WoT Graph. Before actual communication a virtual path is established between RN and ReN which helps in the reduction of multipaths, cycles and data duplicacy. Findings: The approach is implemented and tested on different scenarios of WoT graphs in NS-2 simulator and shows good results in terms of information requisition. In a WoT graph communication multiple path exists between sender and receiver nodes causing duplicate data packets and high traffic intensity in the network, while in WoT spanning tree there is a single path. Therefore, the network throughput and the efficiency increases manifold. Application: The rapid growth of WoT enabled internet applications, decision making, marketing, healthcare, monitoring and interlinked controlled devices generates high demand for reliable and timely information.


Communication, Data Redundancy, Information Requisition, Sensors, Web of Things.

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