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Assessment of Ant Colony using Component based Software Engineering Metrics


  • Department of CSE, U.I.E.T., Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra - 136119, Haryana, India
  • School of ICT, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida - 201312, Uttar Pradesh, India


Objectives: Conventionally, to solve a problem it is necessary to design a new system every time and that it is difficult to reuse existing system for the designing of new system. This paper estimates usability of reusable components and interaction between components for integration of system. Methods: To handle this kind of problem Component Based System (CBS) has been considered. The reusability concept is the main factor of Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) for components. More usage of reusable components provides better results in terms of estimation of reliability and efficiency of Component Based System (CBS). Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) is one among soft computing technique which may be used to estimate the path followed by components and interaction of components. In this paper ACO is used as methodology to find out more reusable components to increase the reliability or efficiency of the system. MATLAB is used for implementation of ACO. Performance metrics like Component efficiency, component density and component dependency are used for the analysis of proposed work. Findings: The results shows that in proposed mechanism the component efficiency is high, component density is also high as compare to existing CBS. Applications: This paper may helpful for the analysis of soft computing techniques by the use of CBSE performance metrics.


ACO, Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE), Component Based System (CBS), Reusability, Soft Computing and MATLAB.

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