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The Research for the Beauty Image of Lady Announcers Progressing the Entertainment Program - Focused on China CCTV


  • Department of Beauty Design Management, Woo Song University, 143, Dongdaejeon-ro, Daejoen/ 300830, South Korea


Objectives: Announcer anchors the program through broadcast media and delivers various information to the audiences. Announcer should most importantly deliver accurate information to the audiences, but their external image such as makeup, hair and styles cannot be disregarded. Especially, for female announcers, image by make-up results various differences that a study is needed for analysis of such topic. Methods/Statistical Analysis Also, for case study, different make-up types in entertainment programs were looked at beauty image of representative announcers in entertainment programs. Findings: The result of research is as follows: Since entertainment programs deliver joy to the audiences, its role is very important among the mass media. In such program, announcer with pretty face catches the attention of audiences, and to create a refined, attractive and individual image, they express their skin to be glossy and moisturized with smoky or semi-smoky eye make-up and various colors on lips. Announcers on the entertainment programs were not restricted by any make-up patterns and were able to wear make-ups as they want. They expressed various skin tones and most of them were glossy, shiny, shimmering and moisturized. For eye make-up, they wore semi-smoky and fancy make-up patterns by emphasizing eye lashes, etc. For lip colors, they used various other colors starting from nude tones. In other words, they wore the most popular lip colors. Improvements/Applications: It is believed that above results will significantly be helpful in development of announcers of CCTV in China.


Announcer Make Up, Beauty Image, CCTV Announcer, CCTV Entertainment Program, Make Up Patterns.

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