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An Improved Study on Edge Based Image Segmentation and Subsequent Edge Thinning


  • Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, National Institute of Technology, Agartala P.O., Former Tripura Engineering College, Barjala, Jirania - 799046, Tripura (W), India


The improved algorithm for the edge detection and edge thinning has been proposed. The paper presents a newly proposed spatial window of rectangular and row/ column shaped appearance to perform the spatial convolution to obtain the edge and these detectors filters and the results have been compared with those obtained through standard edge detector filters. These are evident from the results obtained in terms of edge detection error rate and in case of noisy environment, Pratt’s figure of merit. The proposed edge thinning method has also yielded better performance compared with the so far results available in published reports.


Edge Detection, Edge Detection Error Rate, Edge Thinning, Pratt’s Figure of Merit, Spatial Window.

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