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Footprint-Based Personal Recognition using Scanning Technique


  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vidya College of Engineering, Meerut – 250002, India
  • Department of Physics, School of Basic Sciences and Research, Sharda University, 32, 34, Knowledge Park-3, Greater Noida – 201306, India


Objectives: Human footprint is emerging as a latest biometric trait for biometric authentication that could be used to detect an individual’s identity and to compute parameters such as foot length, foot category, height, weight, and body mass index. Methods: Static footprint images of 94 individuals (57 males and 37 females) of different regions of north India between age group 15-25 years have been acquired using Scanning technique. Matlab functions have been used for database acquisition, enhancement and feature extraction of the footprint images and for computation of performance measurements. Findings: The performance parameters computed for scanning techniques show a better agreement with experimental results and could be used for biometric authentication. A correlation analysis has also been performed and a strong correlation is observed between actual height and toes, actual height and foot length, height and weight. Applications: This study could be of potential use for forensic and non-forensic purposes and researchers working in foot biometrics.


Biometrics, Footprint, Scanning Technique, Statistical Correlation.

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