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Characterization and Management of Solid Waste of Srinagar City


  • Lovely Professional University, Phagwara - 144411, Punjab, India


Background: One of the basic environmental problems in Srinagar city is the Transport and Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Management of solid waste eradicates the impacts on environment and human health supporting the economic development as well. Objectives: The objective of the current study is to manage the solid waste produced in Srinagar city, identify zone generating the maximum amount of solid waste and suggest the proper disposal/management technique for the waste. Methods/Analysis: In the present study, the seasonal analysis of the MSW was done and tests were performed to find out the physical and chemical characteristics of waste. Samples were collected from the area generating maximum amount of waste and the composition of waste was determined. Findings: The analysis shows that MSW having a generation rate of 279.76 g/capita/day, has a moisture content of 53.42%, density of about 110.37 kg/m3, energy content of 26289 KJ/KG and contains 85.01% of organics. Landfilling would be an efficient method of solid waste disposal as a sanitary landfill provides disposal facility for about 20-30 years.


Disposal, Landfill, Management, MSW, Technique, Transport.

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