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Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis of Wood Saw Dust for Evaluation of Kinetics Parameter


  • Department of Physics, School of Civil Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara -144402, Punjab, India


Objectives: To study the thermal stability of wood saw dust for the determination of kinetic parameters (activation energy, frequency factor and kinetic rate constant). Methods/Analysis: Wood saw dust was characterized for proximate (moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon and ash contents) and ultimate (C, H, N and O) analysis which were performed using CHNSO analyzer and chemical analysis (with using FTIR); the thermal stability was analyzed using bomb calorimeter and TGA instrument. These methods are ASTM based and the kinetic calculation was performed using thermo-gram of TGA at the heating rate of 50oC/min. at 1000oC. Findings: Biomass provides the solution to use it and produce the low cost, energy efficient and clean energy in the form of briquetted biomass, syngas, and methane gas. This study indicated the usability of wood biomass as beneficial due to low cost and eco-friendly nature. Wood has higher volatile matter (80.9%), calorific value (4600 Kcal/kg) and high activation energy (110.44 Kcal/mol) and low ash content (2%) which indicated that it can be used as a solid fuel. It has high potential for use as an alternative source for bio-gasification, bio-oil, bio-methanol and bio-ethanol production. The advantages of using wood directly areas a direct source for cook stove, gasifiers and biogas and the remaining char can be used for activation of charcoal and combustion for heating. Novelty/Improvement: The complete study for the characterization of wood saw dust for the kinetic analysis is less reported. This article reports the complete characterization of wood for biochemical analysis for determination of cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin by ASTM method, proximate analysis (dry basis) by ASTM method and ultimate analysis by CHNSO analyzer, calorific value, determination of functional groups by FTIR and TGA determination of activation energy by TGA thermo-gram, higher heating value by bomb calorimeter.


Calorific Value and Proximate Analysis, TGA (Thermogravemetric Analysis).

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