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Traffic Planning for Small Cities: A Basic Approach


  • Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar-Delhi G.T. Road, National Highway 1, Phagwara - 144411, Punjab, India


Background/Objectives: 21st century is the era of urban growth and transportation development which is the major element of the development of nation. As per the growth of population, the need of transportation system has been increased rapidly. For the better transportation system, better traffic facility is considered as a prime element of it. Objective comprises of the improvements in traffic system by congestion and accident reduction, parking and traffic signal planning and to provide a reliable method for traffic analysis of small cities. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Traffic congestion, parking problem, accidents etc. nowadays are the major problems related to transportation facilities. So, there are certain parameters to cope with the transportation problems such as field study, designing & planning, accident analysis, economic evaluation, regulation, planning and administrative functions. In order to perform the traffic planning, there is need to observe the traffic conditions, traffic demand, vehicular characteristics, origin & destination and accident studies. Findings: It covers vehicle growth statics in the city with analysis and forecasting of the vehicle demand for the future. Reduction in accident is the success of efficient traffic system, so its study helps to identify the black spot which helps in improvement of traffic system and planning to minimize the accidents with proper traffic planning. Applications/Improvements: The method discussed is applicable for the aspects of the traffic and transportation planning for small or mid – sized cities. It helps in analyzing the major elements of the traffic systems. Traffic planning for a mid-sized city is an approach towards formulating the methodologies to cope with the traffic related issues for the development of better transportation facilities.


Congestion, Traffic Forecasting, Traffic Planning, Traffic System, Urban Development.

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