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Analysis of Speed Parameters of Mixed Traffic Flow on the Sections of Arterial Streets (Jalandhar and Chandigarh Cities)


  • Department of Civil Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara - 144411, Punjab, India


Objectives: Traffic Flow and Speed data analysis is now days very crucial for forecasting and operational implementation of traffic system as there is rapid boost in the road users. Speed is a significant transportation constraint as it is directly linked to safety, time, comfort, convenience, and financial side for any type of road. This study aims at providing an analytical approach to speeds of heterogeneous system of traffic of the various sections. Analysis of flow and speed is required for better management of the stream. Methodology: The data collected from the spot speed studies are used to determine vehicle speed percentiles, which in turn are useful in making many speed - related decisions. Traffic volume and speed data was collected for various sections of six lanes and four lane roads in Jalandhar and Chandigarh roads respectively. Speed data gathered from different sections were analyzed and observations were made that the speed data of individual vehicle usually follows a normal distribution curve but whenever we combine the speed data of all vehicles at a section on the given road, it may or may not follow the normal distribution graph depending upon the composition of the traffic along that section. Findings: In our study of the various sections it may be noted that speed data follows a normal distribution only when SSR is in the range 0.89-1.16. The peaks in the data vary according to the proportioning of slow moving vehicles in the section. Applications: The SSR value can be utilized in the determination of speed related decisions of limits on the road sections and distribution of traffic based on the spread pattern obtained. It is also necessary for determining the characteristic designing of slow moving vehicles.


Normal Distribution, Percentile Speed, Speed Spread Ratio (SSR), Traffic Volume.

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