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Image Processing Based Vehicle Parking Management Using Mobile Application


  • Embedded Systems, VIT University, Vellore - 632014, Tamil Nadu, India


In modern day scenario due to heavy traffic, it is always significant to find a free parking slot to park a vehicle in crowded area. The main motto of this project work is to find the available parking slot to park the vehicle and the current status of free parking slot should available on user mobile application even before visiting the parking area. In this paper the image processing technics is adapted to find the free parking slot. Camera captures the image of parking lot and the image is analyzed to find the possible number of free parking slot. Contour method is implemented to find coloured circle on parking lot which indicate the availability of slot. The various modifications like converting RGB images to HSV are performed on Open CV platform which is installed on Raspberry pi. As Raspberry pi is used it is easy to bridge image processing task and internet connectivity over server. It is efficient to send data over internet in small duration of time. This system provides the proficient way for the user to park vehicle without any guide. This system can be implemented in any public parking place, shopping complex, corporate offices etc. This method can be easily implemented in a short period of time and does not require regular maintenance.


Image Processing, Mobile Application, Parking Slot Status, Vehicle Parking Management.

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