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Paper based MEMS Sensor for Bacteria Detection in Food


  • Department of Electronics and Instrumentation, SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai - 603203, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: To design a Sensor for the detection of bacteria in water and food like unpasteurized milk, undercooked beef, juices, soft cheeses made from raw milk etc. Methods: COMSOL 4.4 simulation tool is used to design the micro post array that captures the bacterial cell (E.coli) in the food samples. Findings: We propose a new approach in MEMS sensor design on paper substrate for the detection of bacteria in water and food. Paper based MEMS sensor are said to be less cost easily used and disposable, on sight implemented, bio compatible and easily fabricated. Application: The paper based MEMS is a raising technology particularly in the field of food quality control and food testing, health diagnostic, environmental monitoring.


Biosensor, E.coli, Food Safety, Micro Electrical Mechanical System (MEMS), Micro Fluidics, Paper.

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