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Study of Beam-Column Junction based on Variations in Concrete Grade at Junction


  • Department of Civil Engineering, Lovely Professional University, G.T. Road, Phagwara, Jalandhar-Delhi, Punjab –144411, India


Objectives: A beam-column joint has to transfer the shear forces, bending moments and other related structural response parameters efficiently. The present paper aims at studying the behavior of beam-column junction based on variations in concrete grade at junction. Analysis: To increase the load carrying capacity of a joint, a higher grade of concrete is used at a joint and also up to 1.5D in the direction of beam from face of column, to shift or relocate the plastic hinge from the interface towards the beam. The different specimens were prepared in a T-shaped mould by changing the grade of concrete at beam-column joint and these samples were tested after 7 and 28 days. Findings: Study reveals that use of M20 or M25 grade of concrete at joint and up to 1.5D (D is the depth of beam) of length of beam (M15 grade of concrete in rest of mould) increases the load carrying capacity approximately to about 20% when compared with M20 or M25 grade of concrete at junction and M15 grade in the remaining mould. The most important finding is that the use of higher grade of concrete at a joint and up to 1.5D of length of beam, shifts the failure away from the beam-column interface Thus, a beam hinging mechanism is achieved which is a ductile type of failure compared to beam-column brittle interface failure and there is approximately 15-30% increase in load carrying capacity, in comparison with higher concrete grade only at a joint core. This is a simple and efficient method of preventing the beam-column joint failure. Improvement/Applications: Based on the test results there is remarkable increase in the load carrying capacity of beam-column joint which enhances the rigidity of beam column joint in terms of strength and stiffness.


Beam-Column Joint, Brittle Failure, Concrete Grade, Load Carrying Capacity, Strength.

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