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Comparative Study of Nano-Silica Induced Mortar, Concrete and Self-Compacting Concrete – A Review


  • Department of Civil Engineering, Lovely Professional University, G.T. Road, Phagwara, Jalandhar-Delhi, Punjab –144411, India


Objective: Nanotechnology is the most emerging business in modern age. Concrete, mortar matrix shows demandable change with inclusion of nano-silica. This review has generalised the effect of nano-silica on good scale. Method: Demandable analyses of different researches related to Nano-silica were thoroughly observed and persistent results were accepted in this paper. Finding: Use of nano materials has given new and developed path for improvement towards construction. Among that great stock of nano materials, our preferred choice is nano-silica. This is a review paper which is generalised from number of researches done by great intellectuals. In this paper, the use of nano-silica in mortar, concrete and self compacting concrete has been profoundly analysed. On the basis of minute study, it was deduced that nano-silica can prove a worthy material towards renovation of modern market strength demand. In case of mortar, concrete it showed positive impact towards mechanical properties. Study about filler tendencies of nano-silica further proved its greater concern towards pozzolanic activities which in-turn carved a thought that C-S-H gel is produced in acceptable amount. Throughout this paper, impact of nano-silica towards fresh and hardened properties of concrete, mortar and Self compacting concrete are reviewed and on the basis of practical approach its optimal usage is analysed in all the cases. Applications: Nano-silica can be effectively replaced with cement as its pozzolanic nature is somehow similar to that of binding agent. Introduction of nano-silica in concrete or mortar is narrowly economical as compared to cement. Construction with demand of high compressive, flexural and split-tensile strength in effective and economical sense can vouch for nano-silica replacement.


Concrete, Mortar, Nano-Silica, Self Compacting Concrete.

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