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A Novel Approach for Phase Balancing of Secondary Distribution Power System


  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Mangalore – 575025, Karnataka, India


Objectives: The main objective of the power distribution system is to reduce the loss in order to improve the system efficiency, alleviate the cost and increase the consumer satisfaction. Methods/Analysis: Power loss mainly depends on type of the load and its pattern. Load unbalance on distribution feeder leads to current raise in the heavily loaded phase, over voltage in the lightly loaded phase and neutral current and mal functioning of protection equipment. Findings: In power distribution energy management, phase balancing is one among the techniques available to reduce the loss incurred by load unbalance. Phase balancing is a concept of re-phasing service laterals such that load on three phases is balanced. Application/Improvement: The study mainly deals with phase balancing of secondary distribution feeder by rearranging the connections of consumer load/ service laterals. The algorithm is designed to handle time varying loads with an objective of loss reduction and minimum number of phase moves.


Candidate Node, Distribution Feeder, Loss Reduction, Phase Balancing.

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