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Implementation of a Multi User Secured Remote Data Logger for Real Time Hybrid System


  • School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University, Chennai – 600127, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: This study aims at designing an easy and a secured way of remote server based data logging using a data acquisition mechanism and HFS (http File Server) software. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Lab VIEW based remote data monitoring and controlling system is designed so as to view and analyze the fidelity of the data. This mechanism proves to be a secured data logger providing an increased access to the users in the loop, along with time stampings and many other additional features. A real time nonlinear process system was considered as a bench mark system for the purpose of logging the level data of it remotely. The Dual Spherical Tank Liquid Level System (DSTLLS) has been chosen and its continuously varying liquid levels are recorded and monitored remotely over the LAN, using remote Master-Slave architecture and File Transfer Server. Findings: It was found that these methods of the data logging prove to be faster and cheaper when compared to the existing methods. Classical algorithmic approach for the data transfer is being applied to facilitate the data logging process. Application/Improvements: There is scope of performing experiments on the data transfer mechanisms using different algorithms and analyzing their performance and efficiency in data logging process.


DPT, HTTP File Server HFS, Lab VIEW, Process control, Remote Control.

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