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AGC of an Interconnected Power System under Deregulated Environment using GA-tuned Fuzzy Logic Controller


  • UPES, Dehradun - 248007, Uttarakhand, India
  • General Electric, Hyderabad, India


Objectives: To design a Fuzzy Controller with knowledge of the system for AGC under Deregulated environment. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is proposed to be used to fine-tune the response of FLC by optimizing its gain through minimization of an ITAE based objective function. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Performance of the system is determined using distinct scenario of DISCO participation. The simulation is carried out on a two area model of AGC using MATLAB SIMULINK. Sensitivity analysis is carried out by varying various model parameters. Comparison between the optimised-FLC (GAFLC), hand-tuned FLC and PI controller is tabulated. Findings: It is revealed from the simulation results and the comparison table that GAFLC shows a paramount improvement in the transient response specifications in contrast to a PI and Fuzzy (hand-tuned) controller. Furthermore the GAFLC is able to confine the response within acceptable range even under the parametric changes, thus making the controller robust. The proposed work is novel in that; it takes into account the parametric variations in the system under deregulation. The controller thus designed is intelligent and reduces significant time and effort in tuning the fuzzy controller and at the same time able to arrest the parametric disturbances occurring in the system. Application/Improvements: The GA is effectively utilised as an optimisation tool to make the controller intelligent and thus can be implemented for the use in modern power system.


AGC, Deregulation, Disco-Participation, Fuzzy, GAFLC, Intelligent.

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