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Cost Effectiveness of CFRP Repair Technique for Cold Formed Steel Beams


  • Department of Civil Engineering, Universiti Tenaga Nasional, 43000, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Bentley Systems (Singapore) Pvt. Ltd, 048622, Singapore
  • Mercedes Benz Research and Development India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore - 560066, Karnataka, India


Objectives: Structural steel can be broadly classified into hot rolled steel and cold formed steel (CFS). CFS manufactured from roll forming or press braking operation. The main advantage of CFS sections are thin wall and light weight. These thin wall leads to buckling of structural member. This paper aims to study the capacity of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) strengthened CFS channel beams, buckling behaviour, deflection and cost studies on CFRP strengthening. Methods/Statistical analysis: In this study three different length of CFS channel sections are selected for testing in which beams are tested for bending. All the beams were tested in plain section and CFRP strengthened series in universal testing machine. Findings: Experimental results shows the enhancement in capacity of beam due to CFRP strengthening. The local and distortional buckling modes were observed as failure modes. Experimental results were compared with maximum load resistance calculated by AISI specification which are in good agreement. Cost studies were compared on replacing a new member with CFRP strengthened channel member. Improvements/Applications: CFRP strengthening is suitable for enhancement of capacity of beams and repair. This CFRP strengthening technique can applied to reinforced concrete members, hot rolled steel, in filled steel tubes and bridges etc.


Beam, CFRP, CFS, Channel, Cost, Repair

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