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Analyzing HTTP Traffic Patterns for Monitoring and Analyzing User Behavior


  • Department of Computer Science, The North Cap University, Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Objective: This paper presents a method for analyzing user behavior pattern by evaluating what web users are looking for in websites. Methods/Statistical Analysis: There are various approaches available in diverse fields for analyzing human behavior. In today’s generation web usage has increased tremendously due to wide variety of information and communication facility. The main source of data in web browsing is the web logs that stores user actions on web pages. The generated logs are analyzed in phases and then classification techniques are applied to predict future behavior of the user. Findings: This information can be used by E-commerce companies to know about their customer requirements and can later improve their websites information and structure as per results. Similarly, same analysis technique can be used by organizations to know about employee requirement. Applications/Improvement: This analysis method can be used by E-commerce companies and organizations to predict their customers and employee needs and behavior.


Behavior, Cluster, Pattern, Traffic, Web Log

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