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Modeling of Multi-DOF Robotic Manipulators using Sim-Mechanics Software


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, TheNorthCap University, Gurugram – 122017, Haryana, India


Objectives: This paper presents a simulation based software platform to model and design a multi-degree of freedom robotic manipulator. Methods: Traditional methods of modeling robotic manipulators are a very laborious, iterative and time consuming task. In the last few years, new approaches towards the study of complex architectures of robotic manipulators have developed rapidly. In this paper, a new method based on Sim-Mechanics software is presented to simulate and design a multi-DOF robotic manipulator. Findings: It can be seen that the new software based method provides a much easier and faster way of modeling the multi-DOF robotic manipulator as compared to mathematical modeling. Improvements: The model developed using Sim-Mechanics software will be further used for dynamic analysis.


DOF, Dynamics, Modeling, Robotic Manipulator, Sim-Mechanics.

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