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Implementation of a Hearing Aid using Texas TMS320C6713 Digital Signal Processor


  • Department of EECE, The NorthCap University, Gurgaon - 122017, Haryana, India


Objectives: In this paper, design methods of software and hardware are introduced forreal time speech signal acquisition and processing based on DSP chip TMS320C6713 to eliminate acoustic noise. Methods: Real time Digital Signal Processors (DSP) are replacing the microcontrollersin the embedded industry for multiple applications. A low pass FIR filter is designed both on this processor and on Simulink to compare the performance. The powerful Texas TMS320C6713 kit makes signal processing much simpler and robust. Findings: Acoustic noise is the primary reason in degrading speech perception while using hearing aids. In real time mode the removal of noise in the speech is comparatively difficult. The experimental results show that after filtering the real time speech signal through the designed filter, there is a considerable improvement in the real-time speech signal where the SNR has improved. Application: With the scaling down of chip technology in terms of both size and cost this method can be easily incorporated in tiny hearing aids.


TMS320C6713, , Digital Signal Processor, Filtering, Hearing Aid, Noise Removal.

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