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Influence of Parameters and Wear Analysis of Aluminium-Bronze (CuAl8Fe3) by Taguchi Method


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Jalgaon – 425001, Maharashtra, India
  • Department of Applied Science, Government College of Engineering, Jalgaon – 425001, Maharashtra, India


Objective: The tribiological activity of aluminium bronze (CuAl8Fe3) has been explored using the pin-on-discmachine at various loads under dry sliding wear condition. Method/Analysis: The work piece had a size of 11.4mm in Diameter, 103 mm in length. In this paper, the wear rate has been evaluated at loads (1, 2 and 3 Kg) and Disc speed (500, 700, 900 rpm) at different time intervals. Taguchi method is applied to find out the powerfullness of parameters and optimization of influence of wear rate factors like speed, load and time on dry sliding wear. Findings:The results proves that the applied load was the major parameter among the controllable factors that cause the weight loss of aluminium bronze (CuAl8Fe3). For aluminium bronze(CuAl8Fe3), the load had the greatest effect on the wear. The sliding speed had a minimum effect. The best combination of the testing parameters could be determined. A good agreement is found between the forecasted and actual weight loss. Application/Improvement: The most influencing parameters involved tribiological industries are speed, load, time and indirectly sliding velocity were considered throughout the theoretical investigation.


Aluminium Bronze, Orthogonal Array, Pin-on-Disc, Taguchi Methods, Wear Rate.

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