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A Study on Captivated Capacity of Noise Due to the Designed Models and Damping Materials


  • Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, BMS College of Engineering, Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru - 560019, Karnataka, India
  • Department of Production and Industrial Engineering, VJTI Matunga, H R Mahajani Marg, Matunga, Mumbai - 400031, Maharashtra, India


Noise is generated virtually by all processes. It is identified as an important pollutant. It causes discomfort to human beings and affects society too. This aspect has attracted many researchers to carry noise based research in urban environments. This paper attempts to establish data of various noise sources in Bangalore city, India. The study investigates various models and materials which exhibits absorption properties. The aim is to identify the best model and material which can help develop a good noise solution. Sustainable materials are also being used. Experiments are conducted using simulated noise conditions and on live engineering process. Materials exhibited varying damping properties with respect to ambient parameters. The experiments witnessed utilization of sound level meters and also 4 channel noise analyzer (4CNA). Noise data gathered are analyzed through tabulated results and meaningful graphs. Scientific analyses are made on the noise absorption properties of materials. The findings will augment engineering solutions for household and industries. Furthermore the study addresses the analyses of the stress levels of human beings due to various inputs.


Ambient Noise, Barriers, Damping Materials, 4CNA, SL4010

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