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Space Time Coding Techniques in MIMO: A Review


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Lovely Professional University Phagwara – 144411,Punjab, India


This paper explore the basic approaches used for of space-time coding technique. The emerging field of wireless evaluation such as Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) and Antenna diversity plays an important role in space-time code design. Spatial diversity techniques by the means of multiple transmitting and receiving antennas and the performance of MIMO systems has been discussed for different space-time coding structures such as Alamouti, OSTBC3, OSTBC4 etc. Space-time coding techniques rely on the construction of matrices and the signal is to be transmitted at different period of time from multiple of antennas. These code structures utilises the diversity schemes to improve the bit error rate and thus to achieve higher data rates without bandwidth expansion.


BER, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO), OSTBC3, OSTBC4, SNR, Spatial Diversity, STBC, STTC

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